Explore Our World

Explore Our World is a light and lively series with age-appropriate National Geographic content that motivates and excites young learners of English and helps them use English as a tool to learn about and interact with the world.

With an emphasis on listening, speaking, and pronunciation, Explore Our World is perfect for the communicatively-focused classroom while still providing key grammar instruction, 21st century skills practice and cross-curricular exposure.​

  • Fun listening and speaking activities develop essential communication skills.
  • The Sounds of English provide pronunciation practice in every unit.
  • Grammar support is flexible and varied with instruction and practice through the Workbooks, Grammar Workbooks, videos, and Lesson Planners.
  • Additional phonics instruction and support is provided through Our World Phonics and ABC.
  • Free online activities and support are available for teachers and learners at myNGconnect.com