Our World Phonics with ABC

Our World Phonics with ABC is a 3-level series plus alphabet book that uses National Geographic content to introduce young learners to the English alphabet and help them learn, practice, and understand the sounds of English and sound/spelling relationships in the English language.

Our World Phonics includes:

  • Lessons that introduce students to the letters and sounds of English
  • Activities to explore how sounds and letters connect, including listening and repetition, sound-discrimination, letter and word recognition, reading, and writing practice
  • Chants and stories to reinforce sound/spelling relationships and the rhythm of English
  • And more!


Our World ABC includes:

  • Five pages of prewriting practice
  • Alphabet presentation with real-world photos and examples
  • 13 pages of guided letter-writing practice
  • Numbers 1-10 presentation and practice
  • Eight pages of writing practice
  • And more!


Both Our World Phonics and Our World ABC can be used independently or with the Our World and Explore Our World programs.