Welcome to Life

Welcome to the second edition of Life. It’s been a fantastic experience to use the feedback we’ve collected from teachers and learners from around the world to revisit the first edition and build on its strengths. There are three things that a second edition gives an opportunity for: to bring in fresh content; to adjust existing content to ensure it delivers a book’s underlying methodological principles; and to refine and improve exercises according to user feedback. What does this mean for the second edition?

  • New and updated content, including exciting original video and fresh National Geographic stories and articles.
  • By linking this rich, global content more clearly to learners’ everyday lives, new ’My Life’ speaking tasks are even more personalised and relatable.
  • Revised grammar spreads make learning more accessible and more effective.  These spreads are reinforced with a newly extended grammar practice at the back of the student books.
  • The Critical Thinking activities are now part of a more fully-articulated syllabus, founded on Bloom’s taxonomy of lower and higher order thinking skills.
  • Techniques to make learning more memorable, already present in Life's use of images and engaging content, have now been refreshed and extended throughout the unit and in the review sections.

We would like to emphasise that we have examined every exercise and activity for its relevance and effectiveness based on comments and suggestions made by users worldwide.  We hope you are happy with the results – we certainly are.

Paul, John and Helen