New and Updated Features

The following new and updated features of the second edition of Life are based on extensive research and consultation with teachers and learners from around the world:

  • Updated global content in the unit themes and reading selections
  • Updated video material featuring additional video support for vocabulary learning
  • New, specially selected National Geographic photography stimulates learners’ visual literacy skills
  • A refined grammar syllabus with increased scaffolding and an enhanced reference section
  • Extended and better-integrated critical thinking syllabus actively engages students in their language learning, encouraging them to develop their own well-informed and reasoned opinions
  • New ‘My Life’ speaking activities encourage learners to relate the global content to their own lives
  • New ‘Memory Booster’ activities improve students’ ability to retain new language
  • An improved Classroom Presentation Tool now includes the Workbook pages, academic skills worksheets, extra support, and extension activities
  • A new Student App includes video, audio for the Student Book and Workbook, grammar practice, interactive reading practice, expanded wordlists, and games