Access the world through language, literacy and content

Lift prepares multilingual teenagers with the academic language and literacy skills they need to study cross-curricular subjects and literature from around the world, participate in academic discussions, and apply themselves in and out of the classroom. 

  • Guided explorations of literature and nonfiction, supported by stories told through photography and video, help learners make connections across disciplines. 

  • A structured approach to skill-building, including textual analysis, close reading, and research, trains students for continued academic success in English. 

  • Academic speaking and writing practice in every lesson prepares learners to make valuable contributions in the classroom. 

  • Service-learning projects, inspired by the work of National Geographic Explorers, encourage learners to make a difference in their school, their community, and the world. 

  • Digital teaching and learning tools hosted on the Online Practice platform help teachers plan, prepare, teach, and assess their classes.