New and Updated Features

The new and updated features in Reading Explorer, third edition are based on recommendations from teachers and users all around the world:  

  • New and updated relevant topics that are about real people, places, and stories 

  • Updated Reading Comprehension Sections provide a wider variety of question types that learners will encounter on high stakes international tests, including TOEFL and IELTS 

  • Updated Reading Skills Sections offer greater recycling of key reading skills 

  • Updated Critical Thinking Sections focus more on analysis and evaluation, so learners can determine the reliability of information 

  • Updated targeted vocabulary has a closer alignment to CEFR and AWL lists  

  • Expanded Vocabulary Practice Sections focusing on collocations, word usage, and word families 

  • New and updated high definition National Geographic videos to enhance the learning experience 

  • New and updated academic readings at the higher levels prepare learners for the academic classroom 

  • New additional Class Worksheets are available on the teacher’s website 

  • New Split Editions are perfect for shorter courses